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Lean In Stories

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Chrysanne Lowe
Member Stories

A new mom leads by example in the office.

Chrysanne Lowe Global Marketing Communications
Farryn Weiner
Taking Risks

A traveler finds uncomfortable situations teach her the most about herself.

Farryn Weiner Director of Social Communication
Lauren Maffeo
Starting Out

A young writer learns her own fears are all that's holding her back.

Lauren Maffeo Reporter
Adiba Nelson

A single mom unexpectedly finds partners to lean in with.

Adiba Nelson Author
Aarti Munjal
Starting Out

A PhD student discovers the magic of leaning in.

Aarti Munjal Research Assistant Professor
Allison Hubbs
Taking Risks

A talented hair stylist leaves a thriving business to follow her passion.

Allison Hubbs Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist
Carol Sawdye
Partner Stories

The 9/11 tragedy inspires an accountant to pursue her dream career.

Carol Sawdye CFO & Vice Chair
Dr. Kari Nadeau, PhD
Speaking Up

After recognizing an important need, one physician decides to make something happen.

Dr. Kari Nadeau, PhD Physician
Leela Stake
Partner Stories

One woman learns the true value of her work and her at-home life.

Leela Stake Vice President
Maisy Page
Starting Out

Realizing she wants to spend her life giving back, one young woman seeks out a new career direction.

Maisy Page Education Advocate
Ruthie Ackerman
Member Stories

A young girl who believes she cannot excel at math learns that her talents far exceed her expectations.

Ruthie Ackerman Philanthropic Executive
Amanda Neville
Member Stories

A career woman finds a new calling in caring for her adopted daughter

Amanda Neville Entrepreneur

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