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Lean In Stories

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Tanvi Gautam
Starting Out

A student learns to listen to her own heart above all else.

Tanvi Gautam Mom & Academic
Alice Han
Starting Out

One woman finds out how to combine passion and purpose at work.

Alice Han User Experience Designer
Tina Finn
Member Stories

One woman shows it's never too late to achieve our dreams.

Tina Finn President
Emily Hovind
Taking Risks

When everyone else turned left, she turned right.

Emily Hovind Former Army Officer
Jane Fonda
Overcoming Adversity

After leaving her husband, one woman learns that starting over can be a success at any age.

Jane Fonda Writer & Activist
Dyonne Hayes
Overcoming Adversity

With a baby on the way, one woman goes back to school and relaunches her career.

Dyonne Hayes Reservation Agent
Karen Cody
Member Stories

A career woman runs into gender stereotypes in a male-dominated industry.

Karen Cody Business Owner
Jennifer Gonzales
Starting Out

After backing down once for fear of failure, a student finds her drive—and success.

Jennifer Gonzales Student
Erin Egan
Taking Risks

By taking a chance, one woman teachers her daughter how to lean in.

Erin Egan Chief Privacy Officer
Amy Janes
Starting Out

A reality check in college leads one woman to find her passion.

Amy Janes COO
Maya Weinstein
Starting Out

A student leader gets her male colleagues to see past their gender stereotypes.

Maya Weinstein Student
Mary Dove
Member Stories

A psychotherapist discovers that following her true desires is the path to happiness.

Mary Dove Psychotherapist

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