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Lean In Stories

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Ron Fassler
Member Stories

A dedicated father learns the value of staying at home.

Ron Fassler Dad
Virginia Richardson
Speaking Up

A risk-taking leader looks back on her history of leaning in.

Virginia Richardson Parent Training Manager
Maya Tataseo
Starting Out

After a slow academic start, one woman hits her stride.

Maya Tataseo Sales Development Rep
Samantha Moorer
Offers & Negotiations

A passionate teacher pays it forward in the world of education.

Samantha Moorer Teacher of Champions
Nancy Peretsman
Taking Risks

An investor makes a crucial mistake and learns a valuable lesson.

Nancy Peretsman Managing Director
April Schave
Member Stories

One woman draws inspiration from the grace she sees in others.

April Schave Retail
Archelle Georgiou
Offers & Negotiations

A career woman learns the importance of patience in achieving her goals.

Archelle Georgiou Medical Expert
Allison Meyerowitz
Overcoming Adversity

One woman learns to focus and go after her dreams.

Allison Meyerowitz Owner
Frances Hesselbein
Member Stories

A business leader creates a more inclusive workplace by listening to her heart.

Frances Hesselbein President & CEO
Colleen Louw
Member Stories

Motherhood inspires one woman to set a better example for herself and her daughter.

Colleen Louw Technical Program Manager
Carol Martin
Member Stories

A flight attendant's career takes off when she finds her passion.

Carol Martin Corporate Flight Attendant
Sam Mattingly
Member Stories

Pushed out by female colleagues, a businesswoman starts fresh to help other women.

Sam Mattingly Public Relations Specialist

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