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Sara Kurovski
Story - Stage of Life

Sara Kurovski leans in and runs to be the first female to be mayor of her town.

Sara Kurovski Mayoral Candidate
Cleve Mesidor
Taking Risks

One woman leaves her job in the Obama administration to move to Haiti to work on economic development.

Cleve Mesidor Global Communications Strategist
Annie Watson-Johnson
Taking Risks

A comedian leans into improv, directing, and the laughter of her audience.

Annie Watson-Johnson Comedian
Hayley Boesky
Taking Risks

A banking exec on the times she leaned in -- and back -- in her career, and why she doesn't regret it one bit.

Hayley Boesky Vice Chairman - Global Markets, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Cheryl L. Hyman
Taking Risks

Cheryl L. Hyman on the journey from high school dropout to chancellor of Chicago's community colleges.

Cheryl L. Hyman City College Chancellor
Emily Nemens
Taking Risks

Emily Nemens on why she leaned into a job at The Southern Review

Emily Nemens Writer & Editor
Abby Hemani
Story - Stage of Life

After her daughter's medical diagnosis, a mother finds new ways to lean in both professionally and personally.

Abby Hemani Attorney
Steve Howe
Story - Stage of Life

Outstanding women performers often want to trust the system — but they also have to stand up for themselves.

Steve Howe Managing Partner
Meredith Fineman
Taking Risks

Meredith Fineman on finding her voice in a faraway land.

Meredith Fineman Writer & Founder
Ashley Finch
Taking Risks

A young woman leans in to lead from a place of pride – not from a place of fear.

Ashley Finch Lean In, Partnerships
Tanja Wielgoss

I vowed to do at least as well as the best boy in the class. And I did.

Tanja Wielgoss Partner
Naama Bloom
Story - Stage of Life

Thanks to a 10-year-old girl, I leaned back in.

Naama Bloom Founder & CEO

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