women and men are leaning in.

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Diana Zarowin & Zach Schwarzbaum

Two Lean In Circle leaders discuss a new interpretation of what it means to "lean in."

Diana Zarowin & Zach Schwarzbaum NYU Stern
Sara Hastreiter
Cool Stories

A sailor joins an all-female team in a male-dominated sport.

Sara Hastreiter Sailor
Rabbi David Segal
Cool Stories

Rabbi David Segal on how how the birth of his daughter led him to reflect on generations of family history.

Rabbi David Segal Aspen Jewish Congregation
Masih Alinejad

An Iranian woman on letting her hair down -- literally.

Masih Alinejad Journalist
Anna Jacobson
Cool Stories

A contractor on breaking stereotypes in her field -- and beginning to think about gender at work.

Anna Jacobson Construction Contractor
Thisuri Wanniarachchi
Speaking Out

A writer reflects on growing up during the Sri Lankan civil war, and how it changed a generation of children.

Thisuri Wanniarachchi Bennington College
ifeoma Ebinumoliseh
Starting Out

A woman fights for her education in Nigeria.

ifeoma Ebinumoliseh University of KwaZulu-Natal
Jonathan Segal
Gender in the Workplace

A manager reflects on witnessing gender bias in the workplace -- and what he did to stop it.

Jonathan Segal Duane Morris Institute
Sepo Haihambo
Like a Boss

In the face of setbacks, a woman refuses to give up her dream of the C-suite.

Sepo Haihambo Standard Bank Namibia
Mercedes Calcano

An artist comes to America to receive an education—and learns about herself too.

Mercedes Calcano Artist
Kristen Noel
Career Transitions

A woman seeks–– and finds–– a new start.

Kristen Noel Author
Paola Jessurun
Women in Leadership

A student realizes that if she wants to advocate for others, she must first learn to advocate for herself.

Paola Jessurun Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
A man with his daughter on his shoulders, happy

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