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Stuff Mom Never Told You: Why ‘Bossy’ Is a Bad Word

In the final segment of their special four-part series, the gals of Stuff Mom Never Told You take on the word “bossy,” and what it means to be a female boss.

‘How To Know He’s The One’

Sharon Meers, the author of ‘Getting to 50/50,’ on the frogs she dated — and the man princely enough to understand gender equality.

What 800 Undergrads Can Teach Us About Work, Parenting and Leaning In

In his new book, Baby Bust, Stew Friedman reveals some surprising changes in the way men and women view parenthood.

Inside Verily: The First ‘No Photoshop’ Fashion Magazine

The founders of Verily have pledged not to use photoshop on their pages. They explain why we need more realistic beauty standards.

The Women Take Over: Jezebel’s Anna Holmes

The author of The Book of Jezebel talks feminism, female supportiveness and leaning in.

180 Websites in 180 Days: How I Learned to Code

Who says girls can’t code? Jennifer Dewalt, a fine artist, taught herself to code by building 180 websites in 180 days.

Stuff Mom Never Told You: Unbalancing Work-Life Balance

Lean In describes “having it all” as “perhaps the greatest trap ever set for women.” The gals of Stuff Mom Never Told You discuss.

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We’re #NotSorry

In sequel to viral smash, Pantene urges women to stop apologizing.

The Army’s 1st Black, Female 2-Star General on Diversifying the Army

“If you’re not seated at the table, you are on the menu,” Maj. Gen. Marcia Anderson says.
Men Leaning In

Letters From Dad

Read Father’s Day letters from Matt Lauer, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Shaquille O’Neal, and more.

One Stowaway And The History Of Women In War

On the 70th anniversary of D-Day, MAKERS honors the daring women who fought to serve their country and pursue careers in the armed forces.
Cool Stories

91-Year-Old Woman Breaks Marathon Record

“You’re never too old to do it,” Harriette Thompson said at the finish line.

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