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Motherhood As A Career Advantage

Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin on the value that motherhood adds to their careers.

Sally Ride Leans In

A new book explores how Sally Ride soared through the ultimate glass ceiling on the space shuttle Challenger in June 1983.

Is Fear Your Only Restraint?

How the fear of failure prevents women from leaning into opportunities for growth.

Think Less, Act More: 6 Confidence Boosters for Women

Journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, the authors of a new book on self-assurance, on how we can all boost our confidence.

7 Reasons to Become Financially Fearless

Women may be lauded for our communication skills, so why aren’t we communicating about money?

Stuff Mom Never Told You: Why ‘Bossy’ Is a Bad Word

In the final segment of their special four-part series, the gals of Stuff Mom Never Told You take on the word “bossy,” and what it means to be a female boss.

‘How To Know He’s The One’

Sharon Meers, the author of ‘Getting to 50/50,’ on the frogs she dated — and the man princely enough to understand gender equality.

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Lady Mechanic Initiative On Empowering Women In Nigeria

“At first, the men were saying ‘You can’t do it, that it’s our world.’ But we made them realize we can do it. “
Cool Stories

Watch This Amazing Female Russian Astronaut Shut Down a Sexist Reporter

“Aren’t you interested in the hairstyles of my colleagues?”

Emma Watson Gives Powerful UN Speech On Gender

“I want men to take up this mantle.” #HeForShe
MAKERS Profile

Mae Jemison, First African-American Woman In Space

“Never be limited by other people’s imaginations,” she says.
Girls In Action

Mo’Ne Davis Makes Little League World Series History In Three-Hit Shutout

The 13-year-old became the first girl to toss a complete game shutout in the Little League World Series for the Taney Dragons. Throws like a girl indeed.
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