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Think Less, Act More: 6 Confidence Boosters for Women

Journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, the authors of a new book on self-assurance, on how we can all boost our confidence.

7 Reasons to Become Financially Fearless

Women may be lauded for our communication skills, so why aren’t we communicating about money?

Stuff Mom Never Told You: Why ‘Bossy’ Is a Bad Word

In the final segment of their special four-part series, the gals of Stuff Mom Never Told You take on the word “bossy,” and what it means to be a female boss.

‘How To Know He’s The One’

Sharon Meers, the author of ‘Getting to 50/50,’ on the frogs she dated — and the man princely enough to understand gender equality.

What 800 Undergrads Can Teach Us About Work, Parenting and Leaning In

In his new book, Baby Bust, Stew Friedman reveals some surprising changes in the way men and women view parenthood.

Inside Verily: The First ‘No Photoshop’ Fashion Magazine

The founders of Verily have pledged not to use photoshop on their pages. They explain why we need more realistic beauty standards.

The Women Take Over: Jezebel’s Anna Holmes

The author of The Book of Jezebel talks feminism, female supportiveness and leaning in.

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Good for Girls

LeanIn.Org and Getty Images Present: The Lean In Collection

Because you can’t be what you can’t see.

Magazine Covers That Got It Right When Depicting Powerful Women

Hint: The most successful covers portray women no differently than they portray men.
Like a Boss

Sitting Tall: Letting Go of Ego to Get Ahead

“It’s good to lean in. But we can also sit tall.” Author (and competitive rower) Henriette Lazaridis Power on letting go of ego to get ahead.

How to close the gender gap at work? Strike a pose.

Sally Kohn has a ritual: Minutes before she heads on set, she ducks into a hallway, spreads her feet, stands up perfectly straight and puts her hands on her hips, chin tilted up. She holds the pose for two full minutes. Then she walks on camera.

Trailblazing Women You May Not Know (But Should): Nichelle Nichols

Each week, the Lean In tumblr will spotlight women who made a lasting mark on the world — yet didn’t always end up in the history books. This week we celebrate Nichelle Nichols, barrier breaking actress.
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