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Tamara Abdel Jaber
Partner Stories

An entrepreneur finds a mentor who helps her maximize her potential.

Tamara Abdel Jaber CEO, Technology Company
Nian Abdulla Ahmed

Nian recounts her imprisonment in Iraq for protesting the regime—and how she followed her dreams once she was home.

Nian Abdulla Ahmed Human Resources, Asiacell
Adrienne Abiodun
Member Stories

A young writer tests herself by setting a difficult goal.

Adrienne Abiodun Children’s Book Author
Jill Abramson
Taking Risks

A reporter makes the leap from the backwaters of journalism to the big leagues.

Jill Abramson Executive Editor
Rosie Abriam Lee
Taking Risks

Three stages of life teach one woman many valuable lessons.

Rosie Abriam Lee President & CEO
Ruthie Ackerman
Member Stories

A young girl who believes she cannot excel at math learns that her talents far exceed her expectations.

Ruthie Ackerman Philanthropic Executive
Jon Acuff
Member Stories

A gifted writer shares insights on what makes a partnership work.

Jon Acuff Author & Speaker
Hannah Adams-Collier
Speaking Up

One mom reflects on her decision to quit a lucrative position.

Hannah Adams-Collier Creative Director
Rebecca Adamson
Speaking Up

A young activist draws on the strengths of her community to help change its fate.

Rebecca Adamson Global Activist
Regina Agyare
Partner Stories

A software engineer finds her true passion after overcoming sexism at work.

Regina Agyare Entrepreneur
Laila Alawa
Speaking Up

A student stands up for her career and her faith when her school tries to make her choose.

Laila Alawa Artist & Researcher
May Alba
Speaking Up

A young entrepreneur helps people do good for themselves and for others.

May Alba CEO

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