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Elba Pareja-Gallagher
Like a Boss

A woman shares her insights on levelling the playing field at work.

Elba Pareja-Gallagher Director of Finance B2C Strategy, UPS and Founder,
Ann Sherry AO
Gender in the Workplace

A woman finds her voice––and uses it to bring paid leave to corporate Australia.

Ann Sherry AO Executive Chairman, Carnival Australia
Mike Coates
Gender in the Workplace

A CEO shares how organizations can win by leaning in.

Mike Coates CEO at Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Jonathan Segal
Gender in the Workplace

A manager reflects on witnessing gender bias in the workplace -- and what he did to stop it.

Jonathan Segal Duane Morris Institute
Allison Ye
Gender in the Workplace

Women in Beijing find solidarity in their Circle—and lean in together.

Allison Ye Communications Professional
Alice Bentinck
Taking Risks

A woman who thought programming wasn't for her leans in — by learning to code.

Alice Bentinck Cofounder, Code First: Girls and Entrepreneur First
Claudia Reuter
Taking Risks

A woman builds her startup — and makes leaning in a habit.

Claudia Reuter CEO, SchoolChapters, Inc.
Naazish YarKhan
Taking Risks

A Muslim woman shares her deeply personal choice to wear the hijab at work.

Naazish YarKhan Content Strategist
Kellie McElhaney
Taking Risks

A professor proves that standing up for women isn't just the right thing to do -- it's good business.

Kellie McElhaney Professor
Emily Nemens
Taking Risks

Emily Nemens on why she leaned into a job at The Southern Review

Emily Nemens Writer & Editor
Steve Howe
Story - Stage of Life

Outstanding women performers often want to trust the system — but they also have to stand up for themselves.

Steve Howe Managing Partner
Andrea Saul
Story - Stage of Life

A leader is let go from her job and uses it as an opportunity to lean in and move up.

Andrea Saul Lean In, Communications

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