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Lean In Stories

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Steve Howe
Story - Stage of Life

Outstanding women performers often want to trust the system — but they also have to stand up for themselves.

Steve Howe Managing Partner
Karyn Twaronite
Offers & Negotiations

A determined executive leans in to become a partner at a prestigious firm.

Karyn Twaronite Partner
Dave Goldberg
Story - Stage of Life

A CEO reflects on how he created and maintained his team.

Dave Goldberg CEO of SurveyMonkey
Bill Campbell
Offers & Negotiations

A seasoned businessman advises a colleague on negotiation tactics.

Bill Campbell Chairman of the Board
Juleanna Glover
Offers & Negotiations

A leader reflects on the ways she has been motivated to lean in.

Juleanna Glover Founding Prinicipal
Samantha Moorer
Offers & Negotiations

A passionate teacher pays it forward in the world of education.

Samantha Moorer Teacher of Champions
Archelle Georgiou
Offers & Negotiations

A career woman learns the importance of patience in achieving her goals.

Archelle Georgiou Medical Expert
Lia Rogers
Offers & Negotiations

After giving birth to her second child, an executive takes on the challenge of a new position.

Lia Rogers Customer Analytics
Bethany Quam
Partner Stories

An ambitious executives asks for the role of a lifetime.

Bethany Quam VP of Sales
Jennifer Ceran
Partner Stories

A determined executive learns you sometimes need to ask more than once to get what you want.

Jennifer Ceran VP Finance
Victoria Fox
Offers & Negotiations

A working mother takes on a challenging new role.

Victoria Fox Managing Director
Emma Walmsley
Partner Stories

A successful leader takes her biggest leap yet.

Emma Walmsley President, GSK Consumer Healthcare

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