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Lean In Stories

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Richa Grover
Taking Risks

A woman leaves India to work abroad, keeping home close to her heart.

Richa Grover Child Rights Social Worker
Sloane Davidson
Story - Stage of Life

A woman leans in to her own happiness.

Sloane Davidson Community Builder
Danielle Moore
Speaking Up

A new mom learns that to get the support she needs, all she has to do is ask.

Danielle Moore Supply Base Manager
Isabel Smith
Taking Risks

A woman discovers that leaving school doesn't mean giving up.

Isabel Smith Wedding Planner
Rachel Simmons
Taking Risks

A woman discovers that leaning in to single motherhood means learning to ask for help.

Rachel Simmons Author and Educator
Deb Gruenfeld
Story - Stage of Life

A professor and academic writes about balancing home and work life while dealing with a child's illness and divorce.

Deb Gruenfeld Lean In, Board Member
Abby Hemani
Story - Stage of Life

After her daughter's medical diagnosis, a mother finds new ways to lean in both professionally and personally.

Abby Hemani Attorney
Amy Mallia
Finding Balance

About to move cross-country, a woman receives a surprising offer.

Amy Mallia Communications/Diversity Director
Ayumi Ode
Taking Risks

An educator shares the story of her childhood and its impact on how she helps students in Japan today.

Ayumi Ode Educator
Booyeon Lee Allen
Taking Risks

A U.S. Foreign Service Officer encourages students in South Korea to lean in and fight their fears.

Booyeon Lee Allen U.S. Foreign Service Officer
Deborah W. Brooks
Member Stories

One woman finds balance by leaning in.

Deborah W. Brooks Executive Vice Chairman
Bob Wright
Member Stories

A stay-at-home dad shows that men can take care of the kids, too.

Bob Wright Stay at Home Dad

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