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Claudia Chimento

In a new country, a woman leans in with the help of friends to lean on

Claudia Chimento Executive Assistant
Lisa Utzschneider
Career Transitions

A leader at Yahoo on why picking jobs that others questioned and even ruled out is the best career advice she ever received.

Lisa Utzschneider Chief Revenue Officer, Yahoo
Kristen Noel
Career Transitions

A woman seeks–– and finds–– a new start.

Kristen Noel Author
Laura Dunn
Career Transitions

A woman overcomes anxiety about public speaking to take on a presentation at work.

Laura Dunn Social Media and Communications
Mairam Omurzakova
Career Transitions

A traditional artisan in Kyrgyzstan becomes a self-taught entrepreneur.

Mairam Omurzakova Artisan and Entrepreneur
Adam Tobias
Career Transitions

A man walks away from a comfortable career and sets out on his own.

Adam Tobias Co-Founder, Wells Tobias Recruitment Ltd
Kate Klise
Career Transitions

A writer overcomes criticism and takes control of her own story.

Kate Klise Writer
Richa Grover
Taking Risks

A woman leaves India to work abroad, keeping home close to her heart.

Richa Grover Child Rights Social Worker
Lisa Kay Solomon
Taking Risks

Thrown into the fast-paced world of campaigns, a woman learns that the best way to learn is to teach herself.

Lisa Kay Solomon Author and Educator
Jennifer Cheung
Taking Risks

A woman learns that it's never too late to begin her career.

Jennifer Cheung Math Instructor
Ethel Percy Andrus
Story - Stage of Life

Dr. Andrus got mad. Then she got organized.

Ethel Percy Andrus Founder, AARP
Tina Budnaitis
Taking Risks

A Walmart store manager learns that she can succeed where her male predecessors failed.

Tina Budnaitis Retail Store Manager

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