These 900+ Companies are leaning in to support female leadership

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“Lyft's mission is to reconnect people and communities through better transportation. We know this will fundamentally change car culture and we feel strongly that everyone should have the opportunity to bring about this change. With women making up 60% of our passengers, 30% of our drivers and 50% of our leadership team, we're working to create as much participation as possible for women to shape the future of transportation. We could not be more excited about partnering with Lean In to shift the role that women play in shaping not only transportation, but the future of our cities, and how women are culturally represented in that narrative.”

Kira Wampler, CMO


Lyft supports women through the following Lean In programming:

  • Running Lean In Circles
  • Using Lean In education materials
  • Supporting public awareness campaigns (e.g., #LeanInTogether)
  • Hosting Lean In events for employees

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