These 900+ Companies are leaning in to support female leadership

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adidas Group

“Every innovation starts with seeing a problem through fresh eyes. To invent new solutions, you need to see a problem in as many different ways as possible. Diversity provides this steady stream of new ideas, fresh perspectives and contrary points of view that are the lifeblood of innovation. The more unique identities, backgrounds and perspectives we can assemble here at adidas Group and harness through inclusive leadership, the easier it is to find our way around roadblocks and change lives through the sports we love. At adidas Group, diversity and inclusion aren’t a boxes to check: they’re our success formula for inventing the future of sport. ”

Aki Ben-Ezra, Senior Director HR Strategy & Diversity


adidas Group supports women through the following Lean In programming:

  • Running Lean In Circles
  • Using Lean In education materials
  • Supporting public awareness campaigns (e.g., #LeanInTogether)
  • Hosting Lean In events for employees

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