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Motherhood As A Career Advantage

Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin on the value that motherhood adds to their careers.

Walter Isaacson On The Women Of The Digital Revolution

In his new book The Innovators, Walter Isaacson explores the critical but often forgotten role women played in the digital revolution from the very beginning.

"This Is What I Want to Do with My Life"

Captain Kellie McCoy on becoming the first female engineer officer to join the Army’s storied 307th Engineer Battalion.

New Year's Resolution? Join A Lean In Circle

Keeping a New Year’s Resolution can be hard, but it helps when you’re supported by others. Sheryl Sandberg has an idea that will help you achieve your goals: join a Lean In Circle.

Saying “I Do” to Equal Partnerships

A majority of young adults say that their ideal relationship would be an egalitarian one. How can couples work together to increase equality in their relationships?

To Make the Most of Meetings, Avoid “Manterrupting”

Read about the phenomenon of "manterrupting" (and what we can do to stop it!).

The Brotherhood of the Stay-at-Home Dad

Stay-at-home dads now account for more than 16 percent of at-home caretakers.

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New Play Named After Articles by Margaret Sanger

A new play by Monica Byrne, "What Every Girl Should Know," running at the New York International Fringe Festival from August 15–24, tells the story of four adolescent girls, best friends with a playful penchant for masturbation.

The 100 Best Websites For Women, 2013

Forbes has chosen and Lean In made the cut! Check out the entire list.

ESPN's "The Runner": the Story of Mary Decker

A new ESPN documentary relives the ambitions and anguish of American track superstar Mary Decker, whose run-in with Zola Budd during the ’84 Olympic Games would forever define her legacy.

Chick Lit Remixed

Different websites are "gender flipping" books, articles, and advertisements with wildly creative and funny results.

In the Locker Room with Nawal El Moutawakel

We had to wait more than 80 years for an Arab and Muslim woman to win a gold medal. Lots of women started believing in themselves, saying, “If she did, we can.”

Lean In Stories

My life did not begin under perfect circumstances, but I had a family who believed I could persevere. I am blessed to know I can be that positive voice and source of support for others.

Read Ty-Licia’s Story

I’m a firm believer that action can solve so many worries, and just powering through, no matter what, can give you the confidence you need when you feel like you’ve got nothing to offer.

Read Reese’s Story

If there is a single trait that all Afghan women share, it’s determination. Put another way, we lean in.

Read Shireen’s Story

Training beside me was a huge shock for many of these young alpha males. Here was a 37-year-old mother of two doing as well or better than almost all of them.

Read Major Jaster’s Story