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What Women Can Do to Bust the Myth that We Don’t Support Each Other

LeanIn.Org president Rachel Thomas shares four ways women can support each other –– and reflects on the amazing things we accomplish when we do.

How LGBTQ Families Can Partner With Schools to Gain Community Support

See how LGBTQ families can partner with schools to root out bias and create a welcoming environment for everyone.

What “Having It All” Means to Me

In a heartwarming letter to her daughters, one CEO shares the life lessons she's learned from being a mom and an entrepreneur.

Seven Tips for a Successful Negotiation

Negotiation –– it's often easier said than done. See how to build a successful approach and best advocate for yourself next time you're at the negotiating table.

Women in the Workplace 2016

Women in the Workplace 2016 is a comprehensive study by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company on the state of women in corporate America.

How one company is leaning in to support female leadership

The higher you look in corporate America, the fewer women you see. Brown Brothers Harriman is using Lean In Circles to level the playing field.

Things welove

Get ahead. No guilt.

Ashley Milne-Tyte of the Broad Experience sits down with two female journalists to talk about quashing female guilt, learning how to say no, and building a reliable support network

Feminism And Race: Just Who Counts As A 'Woman Of Color'?

A Korean-American woman emphasizes the need to include, legitimize and strengthen the voices of all women of color, including Asian-Americans.

Reading 'Lean In' in Jordan

A Jordanian woman reads 'Lean In' through the lens of a Jordanian and uses the book as a way to open discussion about women's advancements in the country.

City Unveils Campaign to Improve Girls’ Self-Esteem

New York City unveils a new campaign that tells girls they are beautiful just the way they are.

Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?

Women looking to enter the science field are met with a lack of encouragement from peers and professors and a negative stereotype of female scientists that's so ingrained into American culture.

Lean In Stories

My life did not begin under perfect circumstances, but I had a family who believed I could persevere. I am blessed to know I can be that positive voice and source of support for others.

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I’m a firm believer that action can solve so many worries, and just powering through, no matter what, can give you the confidence you need when you feel like you’ve got nothing to offer.

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If there is a single trait that all Afghan women share, it’s determination. Put another way, we lean in.

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Training beside me was a huge shock for many of these young alpha males. Here was a 37-year-old mother of two doing as well or better than almost all of them.

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