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Lean In Stories

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Cheryl LaSonde
Overcoming Adversity

A domestic abuse survivor helps other victims find community and heal.

Cheryl LaSonde Domestic Violence Safe House Manager
Musimbi Kanyoro

Musimbi Kanyoro on gender roles in her native Kenyan village – and how the women in the community have banded together.

Musimbi Kanyoro President, Global Fund for Women
Nian Abdulla Ahmed

Nian recounts her imprisonment in Iraq for protesting the regime—and how she followed her dreams once she was home.

Nian Abdulla Ahmed Human Resources, Asiacell
Mansi Mehra

A woman ends a relationship and embarks on a solo road trip across America.

Mansi Mehra Customer Engineer
Miriam Seitler
Overcoming Adversity

A student discovers she has cancer—and decides she won't let that stop her from chasing her goals.

Miriam Seitler Law Student
Garima Varma

Garima Varma on proudly showcasing her Indian identity.

Garima Varma GE Communications Leader
Leah Kashar

A high school junior realizes that she is not defined by her SAT score.

Leah Kashar Student
Emily Chang

A television anchor shares—and overcomes—fears about having a child at the peak of her career.

Emily Chang TV Anchor, Bloomberg West
Matthew Slutsky
Speaking Up

A man overcomes 'imposter syndrome' and learns to sit at the table.

Matthew Slutsky Managing Director of Partnerships, Change.Org
Allison Ye
Gender in the Workplace

Women in Beijing find solidarity in their Circle—and lean in together.

Allison Ye Communications Professional
Beth Van Schaack

A woman shares how she leaned in to a fast-paced career in Washington DC—and found balance.

Beth Van Schaack Law Professor & Diplomat
Adam Tobias
Career Transitions

A man walks away from a comfortable career and sets out on his own.

Adam Tobias Co-Founder, Wells Tobias Recruitment Ltd

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