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Lean In Stories

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Kathleen D. Warner
Taking Risks

An investment banker leaves a secure job to work on the campaign trail.

Kathleen D. Warner COO
Sandra Jurado
Starting Out

A non-native speaker joins an organization and finds her voice as a national representative.

Sandra Jurado Student
Rania Anderson
Partner Stories

A resourceful woman discovers that a driver’s license is a valuable management tool.

Rania Anderson Founder & President
Latoya Peterson
Taking Risks

Torn between her independence and her desire to keep a fire burning, one woman chooses to fan the flame.

Latoya Peterson Owner & Editor
Alexandra Roddy
Partner Stories

A single mother sacrifices an exciting career to take care of her son.

Alexandra Roddy SVP Strategy & Development
Tammy Tibbetts
Partner Stories

A once-shy girl becomes a bold leader in social media and global education.

Tammy Tibbetts Social Media Entrepreneur
Barbara Annis
Speaking Up

Using her hard-earned knowledge from the corporate world, one woman becomes a gender expert.

Barbara Annis Gender Expert
Wendy Kopp
Taking Risks

An entrepreneur finds unexpected challenges taking a successful program global.

Wendy Kopp Education Advocate
Kiersten Lawson
Partner Stories

Tragic news leaves one woman with the toughest job of all.

Kiersten Lawson Content Strategy Director
Phebe Farrow Port
Taking Risks

A lean in opportunity allows a brand manager to overcome her insecurities.

Phebe Farrow Port VP, Corporate Management Strategies
Dian Ogilvie
Taking Risks

An attorney branches out beyond her area of expertise.

Dian Ogilvie Senior Vice President, Toyota North America
Kristin Savilia
Partner Stories

A working mom turns a business around by providing a new perspective.

Kristin Savilia EVP, Local Enterprise

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