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Mary Callahan Erdoes
Taking Risks

An experienced asset manager learns that, sometimes, two heads are better than one.

Mary Callahan Erdoes CEO, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Lesa Mitchell
Partner Stories

Disturbed by the history of women in venture capital, one woman works to change the future.

Lesa Mitchell Vice President
Freda C. Lewis-Hall, MD
Partner Stories

A medical student questions her future as she grapples with unforeseen circumstances.

Freda C. Lewis-Hall, MD EVP & Chief Medical Officer
Patty Nghiem
Partner Stories

After several successful years in the workforce, one woman takes time off to be at home with her children.

Patty Nghiem Business Development
Denise Pickett
Partner Stories

A celebrated executive takes on an exciting promotion after urging her family to "get to yes."

Denise Pickett EVP & CEO, US Loyalty
Mary Beth Rogers
Partner Stories

A woman and her sister face breast cancer together.

Mary Beth Rogers Business Operations Manager
Vanessa Lawson
Taking Risks

A team is asked to create an important new department for their fast-growing company.

Vanessa Lawson Senior Facilitation Developer
Carmen Joge
Taking Risks

Determined to make a difference in the world and in her own life, a young woman defies tradition and takes a seat at the table.

Carmen Joge Nonprofit Senior Executive
Jill Belconis
Partner Stories

A consummate 'first woman' learns the most prestigious 'first' of all.

Jill Belconis CEO, Shelter Mortgage
Ilene Fischer
Partner Stories

A non-profit leader takes a chance and creates an online network for women.

Ilene Fischer CEO & Founder
Rhonda Medina
Taking Risks

A mom of four realizes her career potential in her quest for advancement.

Rhonda Medina SVP, Multimedia Company
Monique L. Nelson
Starting Out

An ambitious singer vocalizes her talents as a leader of an organization.

Monique L. Nelson Chairman & CEO, UniWorld

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