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Lean In Stories

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Sabrina Pipkin
Starting Out

A college grad paves her own way to success by pursuing a job she wants.

Sabrina Pipkin Marketing Coordinator
Ana Rodriguez
Speaking Up

A victim advocate encounters her first case of human trafficking.

Ana Rodriguez Founder & Author
Heidi Hartmann
Partner Stories

An insightful economist discovers new ways to create better workplace practices.

Heidi Hartmann Economist & CEO
Elizabeth Harz
Partner Stories

Pregnant with her second child, a determined executive chooses challenge over comfort.

Elizabeth Harz VP of Business Development
Amy Schulman
Taking Risks

A childhood favorite becomes a perfect metaphor for leaning in.

Amy Schulman EVP & General Counsel
Kara Goldin
Member Stories

A former e-commerce mogul puts a new twist on water.

Kara Goldin Healthy Beverage Innovator
Terra Birsen
Speaking Up

A determined woman makes her mark in a challenging industry.

Terra Birsen Departmental Technician
Amanda Adams Hinde
Member Stories

A successful consultant leans in to her biggest challenge yet: motherhood.

Amanda Adams Hinde Interpretive Planner
Sylvie Borghardt
Member Stories

After making an international move, one woman combines her education with her love for animals.

Sylvie Borghardt Dog Trainer
Chelsea Laliberte
Overcoming Adversity

After tragedy strikes, one woman finds answers through advocacy.

Chelsea Laliberte Activist & Non-Profit Director
Teresa Meares
Taking Risks

An experienced law enforcement professional takes on the challenge of purchasing a company.

Teresa Meares Executive & Business Owner
Kara Gruver
Partner Stories

Despite her first pregnancy and a move to a new city, a young woman makes significant advancements in her career.

Kara Gruver Partner

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