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Catherine Connors
Partner Stories

A writer changes directions in order to follow her true passions.

Catherine Connors Editor in Chief, Interactive Blogs
Stephen Latham
Member Stories

A dedicated dad reflects on his decision to spend more time at home.

Stephen Latham University Director
Tanya Mahoney
Taking Risks

A busy mother finds her passion when she walks across the United States.

Tanya Mahoney Project Manager & Educator
Kimberly Fragetta
Offers & Negotiations

A soon-to-be mother takes a chance on a new job and sees long-term payoffs.

Kimberly Fragetta Disabilities Services Coordinator
Kathryn Finney
Taking Risks

An entrepreneur helps other women of color succeed in a male-dominated world.

Kathryn Finney Author & Entrepreneur
Jalak Jobanputra
Member Stories

A young expat learns that pursuing her dream is the key to happiness.

Jalak Jobanputra Venture Capitalist
Kyle Johnson
Starting Out

A young designer works alongside her mother to create a colorful future.

Kyle Johnson Product Designer
Dena Stern
Overcoming Adversity

When a young woman discovers she has breast cancer, she takes action to save others from the same.

Dena Stern Writer & Health Activist
Jodee Kozlak
Partner Stories

After realizing she can’t do it all, one woman chooses to do what matters.

Jodee Kozlak Executive Vice President
Margaret Stewart
Partner Stories

Feeling unchallenged, a fearless executive leaps into a new adventure.

Margaret Stewart Director of Product Design
Bruce K. Janousek
Member Stories

A first-time father chooses to put family ahead of his career.

Bruce K. Janousek Father
Paulette Logsdon
Overcoming Adversity

After a troubled childhood, a poker player goes "all in" on life.

Paulette Logsdon Executive Director

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