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Jenna Bush
Taking Risks

On a quest to become a more authentic teacher, one woman discovers a new passion in Latin America.

Jenna Bush Author & Journalist
Ana L. Flores
Overcoming Adversity

Disappointed by the men in her life, one woman learns to trust in herself to create her "happily ever after."

Ana L. Flores Author & Blogger
Kate Moore
Offers & Negotiations

A newly-promoted editor proves her worth beyond the value of her salary.

Kate Moore Editorial Director
Charlie Capen
Member Stories

After the death of his absent father, one man vows to make a difference in his future child's life.

Charlie Capen Digital Strategist & Writer
Jeannette Kaplun
Taking Risks

Emboldened by the lessons she has learned from parenting, one woman makes bold moves in her career.

Jeannette Kaplun Latina Mompreneur
Ellen Seidman
Overcoming Adversity

After her infant son has a stroke, a mother springs into action.

Ellen Seidman Magazine Editor & Blogger
Laura Hassan
Starting Out

Despite self-doubts, a book publicist begins a new chapter.

Laura Hassan Editorial Director
Marci Zaroff
Member Stories

An entrepreneur walks away from her company to find success in reinvention.

Marci Zaroff Founder & Partner
Rhonda Logsdon
Overcoming Adversity

A foster mom navigates the adoption process.

Rhonda Logsdon Personal Nurse
Debora Spar
Member Stories

A college professor takes on a tough challenge and defies expectations.

Debora Spar College President
Charles Bigelow
Member Stories

A helpful father walks a week in his wife's shoes when he takes on full-time parenting duties.

Charles Bigelow Finance
David Shaw
Member Stories

A young father leans into his family and discovers success at home and in business.

David Shaw Web Designer

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