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Lean In Stories

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Stacy Yamaoka
Member Stories

After quitting her job, one woman decides to go after her dream of owning a business.

Stacy Yamaoka Entrepreneur
Maria Sanchez
Taking Risks

Faced with her husband's deployment, a military wife creates her own support system.

Maria Sanchez Military Wife & Artist
Susan Stalnecker
Partner Stories

A driven executive learns that leaning in sometimes means stepping back.

Susan Stalnecker Vice President, Hospitality
Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Overcoming Adversity

After researching an important issue, one woman decides to take action.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senator
Rebecca Adamson
Speaking Up

A young activist draws on the strengths of her community to help change its fate.

Rebecca Adamson Global Activist
Paula F. Goldberg
Member Stories

A former teacher turns down law school to lean into a fledgling startup.

Paula F. Goldberg Executive Director
Michealene Cristini Risley
Overcoming Adversity

An activist filmmaker learns that sometimes she has to back off in order to lean in.

Michealene Cristini Risley Activist
Ana Espada
Overcoming Adversity

After struggling with her identity, a former outsider finds the place she belongs.

Ana Espada Co-Director & Education Advocate
Amy J. Merrill
Starting Out

A young woman follows her mother’s lead to help women and girls in need.

Amy J. Merrill Cause Marketer & Connector
Cortney Snapp
Member Stories

After several successful years in one position, a community director transitions into a fulfilling role.

Cortney Snapp Community Director
Corina Colantino
Member Stories

A new mom takes a chance on a challenging position.

Corina Colantino Release Readiness Program Manager
Lori Goler
Offers & Negotiations

Excited about the prospect of working for a fast-moving tech company, one woman asks for the role of a lifetime.

Lori Goler VP, People

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