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Riki Wilchins
Member Stories

Despite the odds, a woman succeeds not only in her career, but in becoming a voice for others.

Riki Wilchins Gender Activist
Megan Jordan
Taking Risks

After loses 17 years of stories, one woman must write a new chapter.

Megan Jordan Writer
Wendy Clark
Speaking Up

After witnessing a disturbing breach of ethics, a young executive chooses to stand by her principles.

Wendy Clark SVP
Tamara Abdel Jaber
Partner Stories

An entrepreneur finds a mentor who helps her maximize her potential.

Tamara Abdel Jaber CEO, Technology Company
Sharon Kathryn D’Agostino
Partner Stories

A successful corporate leader takes a chance on a new job and finds her passion.

Sharon Kathryn D’Agostino Vice President
Virginia Edelson
Member Stories

A former ski instructor makes the jump into event planning.

Virginia Edelson Event Planner
Krystale Littlejohn
Taking Risks

An undergraduate student takes a risk and applies for a PhD program.

Krystale Littlejohn PhD Candidate
Heather Spohr
Member Stories

Despite her doctor's recommendations, a mother follows her instincts and makes a life-changing decision.

Heather Spohr Writer & Philanthropist
Heather Pierce
Taking Risks

A talented singer realizes that performance is not the only path to a musical life.

Heather Pierce Vocal Coach
Ana Rokafella Garcia
Member Stories

A pioneering dancer turns her passion into a film.

Ana Rokafella Garcia Breakdance Pioneer
Barbara Bush
Overcoming Adversity

A young woman leans in to the challenge of improving global health.

Barbara Bush Global Health Advocate
Sheila Mains
Overcoming Adversity

Challenged with financially supporting four children, one mother starts a baking business.

Sheila Mains Baker

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