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Lean In Stories

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Carolyn Everson
Offers & Negotiations

After settling into a promising new role, one woman receives the job offer of a lifetime.

Carolyn Everson VP of Global Marketing Solutions
Gloria Feldt
Speaking Up

A women's movement leader confronts her own issues with power in order to inspire others.

Gloria Feldt Co-Founder & President
Cherie Stewart
Partner Stories

After a long and satisfying career, one woman leans into her biggest challenge yet: motherhood.

Cherie Stewart Corporate Communications
Kacie Gonzalez
Starting Out

A savvy law school grad moves to a new city to start her career.

Kacie Gonzalez Attorney
Marissa Mayer
Partner Stories

Two months before giving birth to her first child, a successful leader is offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

Marissa Mayer President & CEO
Allison Cole
Partner Stories

A telecom leader gives back to youth in the Caribbean.

Allison Cole Regional President
Erin Smith
Member Stories

After turning down a promotion, one woman decides to pursue her passion for architecture.

Erin Smith Student
Liz Crowe
Taking Risks

After growing bored with real estate, one woman finds adventure in craft beer.

Liz Crowe Microbrewery Owner
Davia Temin
Overcoming Adversity

An accident changes the course of one woman's life forever.

Davia Temin Crisis Advisor
Amy Lam
Member Stories

After starting her first sales position, one young woman encounters prejudice.

Amy Lam Contract Event Planner
Kim Keating
Starting Out

A mother of three juggles her dream of starting her own firm with the reality of raising a family.

Kim Keating Managing Director
Laurie H. Glimcher
Taking Risks

A scientist determines the right balance between home and the lab.

Laurie H. Glimcher Dean of Medical College

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