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Lean In Stories

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Sara Mathew
Member Stories

A successful executive shares the lessons learned throughout her career.

Sara Mathew President & CEO
Christina Wallace
Member Stories

In the space in between math and music, one woman finds a home.

Christina Wallace Entrepreneur & Advocate
Whitney Johnson
Partner Stories

Getting over her fears, a young professional learns to play in a man's world.

Whitney Johnson Author & Speaker
Jennifer Oddo
Member Stories

A wife and husband successfully trade work and home responsibilities.

Jennifer Oddo Talent Acquisition Manager
Lina Duque
Member Stories

A new mom-to-be steps up to the challenges of juggling work, school and family.

Lina Duque Marketing Strategist
Dee Partridge
Mentors & Role Models

A leader takes a chance and helps a woman to lean in.

Dee Partridge IT Manager
Islin Munisteri
Starting Out

A dedicated student pushes forward into a new career.

Islin Munisteri Reservoir Engineer
Cicie Wang
Speaking Up

A young engineer learns she needs a new manager, not a new career.

Cicie Wang Power Management Engineer
Libby Roin
Taking Risks

A lover of children's literature takes a risk by starting her own company.

Libby Roin Entrepreneur
Nicola Mendelsohn
Starting Out

After almost a century of male leadership, an organization taps a woman to take her seat at the head of the table.

Nicola Mendelsohn Advertising Executive
Jessica Goldman Foung
Starting Out

After finding out she has a serious illness, one woman leans back to lean in.

Jessica Goldman Foung Writer & Health Warrior
Brittani Rettig
Taking Risks

One woman takes a leap and starts a career via a DVD.

Brittani Rettig Fitness Entreprenuer

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