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Molly Smith
Speaking Up

An artistic director steps outside of her daily work to support an important issue.

Molly Smith Art Director
Maria Pinelli
Speaking Up

Eager to see women entrepreneurs in the spotlight, one woman works to create change.

Maria Pinelli Global Vice Chair
Diana de Avila
Partner Stories

A life-changing event causes one woman to reevaluate.

Diana de Avila Web Architect
Sylvia Mallory
Taking Risks

A talented director sets a passionate goal to elevate the status of women in the arts.

Sylvia Mallory Director & Producer
Maggie Foggin
Member Stories

A city-loving woman takes a chance on small town life.

Maggie Foggin Co-Founder
Suzanne Azzurro
Taking Risks

Faced with more responsibility, an educator quickly learns how to be a leader.

Suzanne Azzurro Customer Service Representative
Lorraine Martinelle
Member Stories

An ambitious career woman learns hard lessons about the challenges of management.

Lorraine Martinelle Public Relations
Elma Placeres Dieppa
Speaking Up

Faced with challenges at work, a young woman remembers the strength she found as a child.

Elma Placeres Dieppa Momtrepreneur
Cynthia Oxley-Rude
Member Stories

Intervention from a friend helps one woman face her fears at work.

Cynthia Oxley-Rude Chief Operating Officer
Christina Yuko Vogel
Taking Risks

A woman raised in Germany decides to take a risk by exploring her Japanese roots.

Christina Yuko Vogel Entrepreneur
Cindu Thomas-George
Speaking Up

A professor learns to embrace her diversity and create a more inclusive campus.

Cindu Thomas-George Associate Professor
Lyubov Simonova-Emelyanova
Member Stories

One woman shares the mantras that have motivated her career.

Lyubov Simonova-Emelyanova Principal of a Fund

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