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Lean In Stories

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Jenna Lombardo
Member Stories

A Marine helps service members stand up for themselves in service and civilian life.

Jenna Lombardo USMC Combat Veteran
Tammy Norton
Partner Stories

One couple shifts business and home responsibilities so the whole family can win.

Tammy Norton Managing Director
Victoria Fox
Offers & Negotiations

A working mother takes on a challenging new role.

Victoria Fox Managing Director
Alycia Bennett
Overcoming Adversity

A rape victim leans in to heal, and continue her education.

Alycia Bennett College Student
Nicholle DeLorez
Member Stories

Pregnancy complications lead one woman to rethink her work environment.

Nicholle DeLorez Vice President & Homemaker
Catherine Rose
Overcoming Adversity

One mom uses a new career to help her daughter and other kids with special needs.

Catherine Rose Senior Product Manager
Dondi Schneider
Member Stories

One woman learns to expect support from her colleagues—and gets it.

Dondi Schneider Managing Director
Alva Brockus
Taking Risks

A woman works hard to get into law school and then reverses her decision.

Alva Brockus Project Manager
Melissa Chapman
Starting Out

A student takes a chance on going abroad.

Melissa Chapman Freelance Project Manager
Anastasia Roumelioti
Taking Risks

A recent graduate takes a chance to start her own company.

Anastasia Roumelioti Founder
Marina Whitman
Member Stories

Refusing to take 'no' for an answer, one women breaks several glass ceilings.

Marina Whitman Economist & Professor
Silvia Mihailescu
Taking Risks

A young traveler embraces her fears and emerges stronger than ever.

Silvia Mihailescu Communications Leader

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