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Lean In Stories

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Victoria Zajko
Overcoming Adversity

A pilot finds that helping other women take off is better than flying herself.

Victoria Zajko Aviation Insurance
Bethany Quam
Partner Stories

An ambitious executives asks for the role of a lifetime.

Bethany Quam VP of Sales
Bita Mortazavi
Taking Risks

An engineer and mom finds happiness in simplicity.

Bita Mortazavi Patent Analyst
Ruma Samdani
Member Stories

Feeling let down by two female bosses, one woman decides to help others like her succeed.

Ruma Samdani Change Consultant
Marissa Evans
Member Stories

An entrepreneur learns that small steps can lead to something big.

Marissa Evans Founder
Nerissa Holder Hall
Starting Out

A driven student finds her own way into a prestigious program.

Nerissa Holder Hall Media & Tech Entrepreneur
Debby Carreau
Taking Risks

One woman finds her calling in the middle of an MBA class.

Debby Carreau CEO & Founder
Ronna Detrick
Speaking Up

One woman uses faith to lean in to a purposeful life.

Ronna Detrick Writer & Speaker
Brandy Walker
Taking Risks

A woman decides to follow her dream to become a pastor.

Brandy Walker Writer, Digital Pastor
Kellee Khalil
Partner Stories

After a talented business woman is passed over because of her gender, she steps up to make a change.

Kellee Khalil Entrepreneur
Jennifer Ceran
Partner Stories

A determined executive learns you sometimes need to ask more than once to get what you want.

Jennifer Ceran VP Finance
Lynn Harris
Member Stories

A successful executive reflects on the importance of a childhood lesson.

Lynn Harris EVP Production

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