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Lean In Stories

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Irene Zoppi Rodriguez
Overcoming Adversity

With minimal English skills, one woman conquers a language and a career.

Irene Zoppi Rodriguez Colonel, US Army Reserve
Claire Leon
Member Stories

A driven engineer leans in to make a difference in a male-dominated industry.

Claire Leon VP, Aerospace
Jennifer Granholm
Member Stories

A powerful couple finds balance as they lean in together.

Jennifer Granholm Former Governor
LaTondra Newton
Taking Risks

An intrepid executive pushes forward in her career.

LaTondra Newton Group Vice President
Amy Ermel
Overcoming Adversity

After discovering that her daughter has Type 1 diabetes, a mother decides to advocate for a better future.

Amy Ermel Mom
Jen Riley
Partner Stories

A first-time mother discovers her passion lives at the end of her daughter's bed.

Jen Riley Producer
Alyssa Harris Hultman
Speaking Up

A financial professional challenges herself to be a leader at work and at home.

Alyssa Harris Hultman Financial Wholesaler
Natasha Cobb
Member Stories

After being told that she can't move up in her company, one woman decides to move over.

Natasha Cobb Senior Project Manager
Julie Zhuo
Taking Risks

After finding limited success with an anonymous blog, an aspiring writer decides to reveal her identity.

Julie Zhuo Product Design Director
Sandy Radoff
Member Stories

A business owner looks back on the peaks and valleys of her career.

Sandy Radoff Business Owner
Stephanie Armstrong
Overcoming Adversity

After winning a coveted award, one woman leans back out of self preservation.

Stephanie Armstrong Executive Director
Allison Girvin
Partner Stories

A broadcast journalist becomes a change leader for a struggling industry.

Allison Girvin Executive Producer

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