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Lean In Stories

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April Mullen
Member Stories

An art graduate draws a promising future in marketing.

April Mullen Marketing Supervisor
Christina Carrdellio
Mentors & Role Models

A shy child grows into a confident and successful woman.

Christina Carrdellio Outbound Business Representative
Randall Bennett
Member Stories

A father leans in to become the primary caregiver for his family.

Randall Bennett Co-Founder
Dena Simmons
Taking Risks

A lifelong educator makes an important career decision.

Dena Simmons Educator & Activist
Karen K. Narasaki
Speaking Up

One woman speaks up to support the efforts of a prior generation.

Karen K. Narasaki Civil Rights Advocate
Joi Gordon
Member Stories

An attorney leaves a traditional practice to run an inspiring nonprofit.

Joi Gordon CEO
Colleen Athans
Taking Risks

A successful engineer reflects on her career history.

Colleen Athans VP & General Manager
Lisa Wilson
Starting Out

A successful engineer looks back on her career beginnings.

Lisa Wilson Aerospace Engineer
Jack Myers
Taking Risks

How, I asked myself, could I support this generation? What could I, as a 60+ year-old male do?

Jack Myers Media Ecologist
Stuart Williams
Speaking Up

One man choses to lean in and open up new possibilities.

Stuart Williams Entrepreneur
Helene Gayle
Taking Risks

A successful leader shares her non-traditional path.

Helene Gayle President & CEO
Irene Rosenfeld
Speaking Up

An executive leans in and asks for what she wants.

Irene Rosenfeld Chairman & CEO

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