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Bob Wright
Member Stories

A stay-at-home dad shows that men can take care of the kids, too.

Bob Wright Stay at Home Dad
Karen Murphy
Member Stories

One scientist learns the art of the 'swish.'

Karen Murphy Business Owner
Carissa Kapcar
Mentors & Role Models

A young mom splits from the path she envisioned and finds another, equally rewarding one.

Carissa Kapcar Mother & Blogger
Emilio Estefan
Member Stories

A celebrated artist looks back on his partnership with his wife.

Emilio Estefan Musician & Producer
Callie Khouri
Taking Risks

A successful filmmaker takes a chance on television.

Callie Khouri Producer
Angelique Meyer
Taking Risks

A young woman learns to listen to the important people in her life.

Angelique Meyer Chief Representative
Jon Acuff
Member Stories

A gifted writer shares insights on what makes a partnership work.

Jon Acuff Author & Speaker
Jesse Myers
Member Stories

An inspired woman learns about parenting through her extensive travels.

Jesse Myers Photographer & Mother
Debbie Madden
Taking Risks

A determined leader decides to go all in to avoid a layoff.

Debbie Madden Executive Vice President
Jonathan Printzian
Member Stories

A husband steps up at home to support his wife.

Jonathan Printzian Marketing Manager
Jennifer Sullivan
Overcoming Adversity

A determined mother finds her way to the other side of a tough situation.

Jennifer Sullivan Business Owner
Lisa Garcia Quiroz
Speaking Up

One woman takes a non-traditional path down the road of publishing.

Lisa Garcia Quiroz Chief Diversity Officer

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