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Lean In Stories

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Jennifer Cheung
Taking Risks

A woman learns that it's never too late to begin her career.

Jennifer Cheung Math Instructor
Ethel Percy Andrus
Story - Stage of Life

Dr. Andrus got mad. Then she got organized.

Ethel Percy Andrus Founder, AARP
Christinne Rudd
Overcoming Adversity

A woman with Cerebral Palsy advocates for the disabled through the power of her story.

Christinne Rudd Advocate
Tina Budnaitis
Taking Risks

A Walmart store manager learns that she can succeed where her male predecessors failed.

Tina Budnaitis Retail Store Manager
Nanette Lepore
Taking Risks

A fashion designer has trouble getting hired -- so she hires herself and starts her own business.

Nanette Lepore Fashion Designer
Vicki Phillips
Overcoming Adversity

A woman refuses to let her humble beginnings stop her from chasing success.

Vicki Phillips Director of Education, College Ready In The United States Program, Gates Foundation
Rachel Simmons
Taking Risks

A woman discovers that leaning in to single motherhood means learning to ask for help.

Rachel Simmons Author and Educator
Stacye Montez
Taking Risks

A woman learns to stand her ground in a room where no one else looks like her.

Stacye Montez Executive Director of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Mana Nakagawa

A woman fights the stigma against mental health issues and overcomes her fear to share her own story.

Mana Nakagawa Advocate and Graduate Student
Tiffany Dufu
Mentors & Role Models

An early lesson provides a lifelong path for a courageous young woman.

Tiffany Dufu Advocate
Kelly Lepley

A pilot shares her experience becoming the woman she wanted to be.

Kelly Lepley Pilot
Julie Thorne Engels
Taking Risks

A tech entrepreneur shares how she discovered her vision and drive.

Julie Thorne Engels Founder/CEO of Tribemint and BettyVision

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