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Because girls everywhere need the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence they need to lead fulfilling lives and become successful leaders!
Aditi Bansal, VP & Director of International Programs
2020 Women on Boards
2020 Women on Boards is a national campaign to increase the percentage of women who serve on US company boards to 20% or greater by 2020. Engaging thousands of supporters throughout the world, we are leaning in to promote the advancement of women to the highest ranks in American business.
Malli Gero, Co-Founder & Executive Director
Late 2013, realizing the competitive business advantages a diverse workforce can provide, 3M leaders kicked off a more focused and determined effort to accelerate the inclusion and advancement of women worldwide. 3M's new approach tackles common barriers: preparing women to drive career advancement, changing the culture of the company, and creating opportunities for increased interaction with influential leaders. Key to 3M's success is a vibrant new Women's Leadership Forum to engage people everywhere in the opportunity, and ultimately make 3M the greatest place for women (and men) to work.
Dawn McGinley, Global Leader & Strategist, 3M Women's Leadership Forum
4Girls GLocal Leadership
4GGL is a powerful movement that is shifting fundamental mindsets and taking bold actions to develop today's agents of change, tomorrow's women leaders, in the developing world where nearly one BILLION girls and young women live.
Jin In, Founder
500 Startups
500 Startups is leaning in because we have invested in over 70 women founders – featuring many successful CEOs – such as Victoria Ramson from WildfireApp. Not only are we investing, but we have also made a call to all other women to invest and support each other; so far, over 100 women have committed.
Dave McClure, Founding Partner
99designs is leaning in because we believe everyone, regardless of gender, should have equal access to opportunities in entrepreneurship and beyond. Our graphic design platform empowers thousands of female entrepreneurs around the world – from independent designers to small business owners to executives – by providing critical resources they need to succeed.
Jeff Titterton, CMO
A.T. Kearney 361° — The Reinvention of the Family
It is the fundamental incompatibility of family and career inherent in today's system of employment and work practices that keeps so many young and well-trained women from being successful. Women will have to lean in and fight for a change. Our initiative A.T. Kearney 361°– The Reinvention of the Family is actively supporting and encouraging them to do so.
Dr. Martin Sonnenschein, Managing Director Central Europe
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Aalponaa focuses on organizing fundraisers and events, especially for women-oriented charities. We believe that women form the backbone of society and yet suffer from severe gender inequality in several parts of the world. Instead of simply donating money for the betterment of such women, we seek to empower them with education, economic resources to be self-sufficient and facilities to have a healthy and independent life.
Sailaja Bandyopadhyay, Partner
AARP is committed to cultivating and highlighting strong leaders, from entry level to the executive team. We are excited to integrate Lean In's educational materials and community connections into our organization's training portfolio.
Jo Ann Jenkins, COO
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ABA Commission on Women in the Profession
The Commission on Women in the Profession offers inspiration and support to women lawyers through several initiatives including programs promoting Grit and Growth Mindset and research on diversity dynamics affecting Women of Color. Through these programs, women receive education and encouragement to become successful leaders within the legal profession.
Melissa Wood, Director
Accenture is leaning in by encouraging and supporting our women as they create individual paths that work for them. We recognize their definitions will change over time, and we strive to support their journeys through our ongoing commitment to development and advancement.
Pamela J. Craig, CFO
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We believe that when girls and women are empowered, the world is better off. This is why our female-founded company generates funding for girls sports organizations around the world, improving girls' health, well-being and confidence. We also seek opportunities to empower the members of our team to recognize and develop their strengths and passions.
Addiemall leans in by providing promising digital marketing solutions exclusively to women around the world and a compact blog section "Divas" which guides aspiring career women through useful posts. Addiemall impacts and empowers a lot of women through its digital marketing portal and "Divas."
Manickavalli Arumugam, Founder
Adore Me
Adore Me is a disruptive e-commerce designed by women, for women — we create high quality, affordable lingerie in a wide range of sizes to empower every body. Our office staff is 70% women, and 50% of our managerial staff is female.
Morgan Morgan Hermand-Waiche, CEO & Founder
Advancing Women’s Careers, LLC
Now more than ever, women's talents, productivity and voices are greatly needed in business and society. We are committed to building and strengthening the pipeline of female leaders through our systems-based work with ambitious women and progressive employers.
Michelle Friedman, Founder & CEO
AGCO Corporation
Diversity in the workplace is a global focus for AGCO. Diversity allows our company and all our employees – both male and female – to thrive and programs such as AGCO Global Women's Network (AGWN) are central to that effort.
Lucinda Smith, Senior Vice President, Global Business Services
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