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Surfing the S-Curve: How to Disrupt Yourself and Why

Read why we should all embrace risk—and disrupt the status quo.

Women in the Workplace 2015

See the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of the report, including an essay by our founder Sheryl Sandberg, interactive charts of the key metrics, and an overview of what top companies are doing to foster gender equality at their organizations.

Corporate America Is Not on the Path to Gender Equality

LeanIn.Org President Rachel Thomas shares recent findings from the Women in the Workplace 2015 study, undertaken in partnership with McKinsey & Company.

15 Lean In Moments of 2015

2015 reminded us—yet again—that girls run the world. Here are 15 of our favorite moments from the year.

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take

LeanIn.Org President Rachel Thomas shares what she’d do differently — and keep the same — if she could go back and advise her 22-year-old self.

Getting to 50/50: What’s in It for Men?

See how men are getting involved in the conversation around women’s leadership at top business schools across the country.

A New Community for Women in CS&E

Learn more about the new community for women studying computer science and engineering from Lean In, Anita Borg Institute, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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JK Rowling Hosts Fundraising Event For Charity 'Lumos'
Cool Stories

J.K. Rowling Will Publish A New Story On Halloween

The ‘Harry Potter’ author has written a new story about Dolores Umbridge, a witch and former Hogwarts professor.

Meet New York’s First And Only Trans Woman Firefighter

“There’s such a pervasive feeling that firefighting is a job for straight men,” Brooke Guinan says. Here’s how she’s proving them wrong.
Cool Stories

Lady Mechanic Initiative On Empowering Women In Nigeria

“At first, the men were saying ‘You can’t do it, that it’s our world.’ But we made them realize we can do it. “
Cool Stories

Watch This Amazing Female Russian Astronaut Shut Down a Sexist Reporter

“Aren’t you interested in the hairstyles of my colleagues?”

Emma Watson Gives Powerful UN Speech On Gender

“I want men to take up this mantle.” #HeForShe

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