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Gender Bias and the Fight for Equal Pay

Sheryl Sandberg examines how stereotypes undermine the fight for equal pay.

50 States, 50 Countries: Women Lean In ‘With Gusto’

In a press release, Sheryl Sandberg announces the latest numbers for LeanIn.Org’s growing community.

Things We


Toy Stories

Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti’s project Toy Stories showcases photos of children from around the world with their prized possesions—their toys.

Trailblazing Women You May Not Know (But Should): Figure Skater Mabel Fairbanks

Each week, the Lean In tumblr will spotlight women who made a lasting mark on the world — yet didn’t always end up in the history books. This week we celebrate Mabel Fairbanks, the first African American inducted into the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

“We are still here. We remain.”

November is American Indian Heritage month. Did you know that there are at least 562 federally recognized tribal nations in the U.S.? Matika Wilbur is attempting to photograph every one.

Who Said Girls Can’t Jump?

First there was the struggle to make women’s ski jumping an Olympic sport. Now the American team just wants to win.

These Images of Female Athletes Are Unbelievable

Howard Schatz’s photos of athletes at their physical peak remind us of the strength and diversity of women’s bodies.

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