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Today is Women’s Equality Day

On the 93rd anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment–which granted women the right to vote–we honor the women who came before us. Follow along on Tumblr.

What a Tampon Ad Has to Do With Leadership

A new, surprisingly hilarious tampon ad called Camp Gyno sheds light on the cultural roots of the stubbornly persistent leadership gap.

How to Lean In in High School? Overcome the Fear of Missing Out.

Many teens hold themselves back for fear of “missing out.” Alexandra Kukoff, 14, shares her story.

Stay-at-Home-Dads: We are Leading Men

Forget the rubbish that men should always be the “heads of household.” Stay-at-home dad Clay Parker on why he is proud to hold the title.

Eight Tips for Timid Negotiators

Negotiation expert Becky Shambaugh on the art of asking for what you deserve.

Lean In Circles Number 7,000+

Five months after Lean In urged women to form empowerment circles, some 7,000 of those circles have been formed — in all 50 states and at least 50 countries. The Associated Press reports on the growth.

Women Lean In Worldwide

Author and activist Zainab Salbi on how women across the globe are leaning in to speak their truth.

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Sitting Tall: Letting Go of Ego to Get Ahead

“It’s good to lean in. But we can also sit tall.” Author (and competitive rower) Henriette Lazaridis Power on letting go of ego to get ahead.
Cool Stories

How To Close The Gender Gap At Work? Strike A Pose.

Sally Kohn has a ritual: Minutes before she heads on set, she ducks into a hallway, spreads her feet, stands up perfectly straight and puts her hands on her hips, chin tilted up. She holds the pose for two full minutes. Then she walks on camera.

Trailblazing Women You May Not Know (But Should): Nichelle Nichols

Each week, the Lean In tumblr will spotlight women who made a lasting mark on the world — yet didn’t always end up in the history books. This week we celebrate Nichelle Nichols, barrier breaking actress.

Spider-Man Reimagined, Feminist Style

Man we hate it when women are told not to come on an adventure because it’s too dangerous.
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This Father-Daughter Photo Series Will Rip Your Heart Apart

A widower recreates photographs he took with his wife, who passed away from cancer. This time, he posed with 3-year-old Olivia, the other love of his life. The results are beautiful.

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